Deen Dayal Awas Yojna: Unlock the dream of affordable housing

Deen Dayal Awas Yojna (DDAY) is a transformative initiative reshaping the housing landscape, providing an opportunity for countless individuals to realise their dream of owning a home. Launched as part of the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) in 2016, DDAY is a revolutionary initiative by the Indian Government dedicated to realising the dream of "Housing for All''. Let's explore the critical aspects of this scheme.

What is Deen Dayal Awas Yojna: A Closer Look

Key features:



Home Loan Subsidy

Eligible beneficiaries can access interest subsidies on home loans, making housing more affordable. Subsidy amount varies based on income and loan amount.

Affordable Housing Units

Financial support for constructing new homes, upgrading existing ones, and developing basic infrastructure, fostering the creation of affordable housing units.

Beneficiary Categories

Targets economically weaker sections (EWS), low-income groups (LIG), urban poor, slum inhabitants, and those in run-down houses.

Credit-Linked Subsidy Scheme (CLSS)

Offers interest subsidies on home loans, directly reducing the loan amount for eligible beneficiaries.

Aadhaar-Linked Scheme

Connected to Aadhaar, ensuring transparent and efficient subsidy distribution by authenticating beneficiaries.

Deen Dayal Awas Yojna: Documents Required

Applicants need the following documents for DDAY in Haryana:

  • Aadhar card
  • Income Certificate
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Bona fide certificate
  • Homeownership Certificate
  • Ration card
  • Address proof
  • Age verification, phone number, and bank account statement

Eligibility criteria

To qualify for DDAY, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Legitimate Haryana resident
  • Non-taxpayer
  • Does not own a house currently
  • No government employee in the family

How to Apply for Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana Policy Online

  • Visit the official website (
  • Download the application form.
  • Provide accurate information and attach necessary documents.
  • Submit the form at the nearest branch office.

Deen Dayal Awas Yojna: Advantages

In 2016, Haryana introduced this initiative to assist EWS in purchasing or constructing homes. The scheme ensures affordability, with the Government and builders collaborating on residential complexes. Colonies developed on 5-15 acres of land bank offer housing plots spanning 150 square meters, providing an opportunity for low-income families to own a house.

Goals of Deen Dayal Awas Yojna

The primary goal is to provide affordable housing to economically disadvantaged families, enabling them to own homes and improve their quality of life. The program addresses the challenges financially vulnerable individuals face, offering a pathway to reasonable homeownership.

Modifications and latest updates

The DDJAY policy has undergone recent changes, including removing the saleable area freeze clause and new regulations on residential plot mortgaging. The latest updates highlight restrictions on construction floors and discontinued schemes in specific regions due to soaring land prices.

The final thoughts

Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana opens doors for affordable homeownership in India. While navigating its flexible policies and cost-effective plots, individuals can turn their dream of owning a home into a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I apply for Deen Dayal Awas Yojna plots if I own a house?

A: No, the scheme is designed for individuals who do not currently own a house.

Q: How are housing units allotted under DDAY?

A: Unlike other schemes, allotment under DDAY is done on a first-come-first-served basis, offering a fair chance to all eligible applicants.

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