What is Khata: A comprehensive guide for property owners

In 2007, with the establishment of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the concept of 'khata' was introduced in Bangalore. Aiming to streamline property tax collection, the BBMP implemented two registers - A Khata for legal properties and B Khata for unauthorised or partially legal properties. Let's examine “what is khata” in Bangalore.

What is the Khata Certificate and its major types?

Khata is more than a certificate; it's a legal lifeline for property owners in Bangalore. This document, issued by the BBMP, is mandatory for proving property ownership and paying property taxes. It contains vital details such as owner information, property size, location, and tax assessment. It serves as a record of payments and is distinct from a title deed, which focuses on property ownership.

A Khata certificate

  • Issued by BBMP: The 'A' Khata signifies a property with all necessary approvals, adhering to building bylaws and taxation norms.
  • Benefits: Enables easy access to home loans, building plans, occupation certificates, and hassle-free property transactions.

B Khata certificate

  • Issued for Violations: 'B' Khata is assigned to properties violating bylaws or having outstanding property tax dues.
  • Temporary Status: It serves as a temporary document that must be converted to 'A' Khata for full legitimacy.

E Khata

  • Online certification: This online certificate facilitates property tax payments, offering a convenient digital solution for property holders.

Why A Khata is essential?

A Khata is indispensable for property owners within BBMP limits. This certificate facilitates building licenses, layout plan approvals, bank loans, and even essential utilities like electricity and water connections.

How to obtain a Khata?

Application process:

  • Purchase a Khata application form from the BBMP office.
  • Fill in property details and attach the latest tax receipts.
  • Submit the form to the Assistant Revenue Officer.
  • The process usually takes about 5 weeks for approval.

Documents required:

  • Attested copy of the title deed
  • Allotment papers from the State’s Housing Board
  • Previous tax receipts
  • Professional documents
  • Property location and building layout plan

Difference between A Khata and B Khata: Decoding the facts

A Khata

B Khata

Issued by BBMP

Issued by local authority

Property taxes paid by title holder

Separate register for tax collection

Permission for construction

No permission for construction

Eligible for loans

Loans denied

Sale, transfer, and construction allowed

Restrictions on sale, transfer, and construction

Trade license can be obtained

Trade license not available

Deemed legal properties

Deemed illegal by Karnataka High Court

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The final word

Knowing Khata is essential in the complexity of property ownership. From the nuances of A Khata to the challenges posed by B Khata, this guide equips potential homebuyers with essential knowledge, ensuring a smoother journey through the complex landscape of real estate transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is a Khata certificate necessary for property owners?

A: The Khata certificate is crucial as it establishes property ownership, facilitates legal transactions, and is a prerequisite for obtaining various approvals and utilities.

Q: Can a B Khata property be converted to A Khata?

A: Yes, the State government is working on a scheme to regularise B Khata properties by paying the requisite improvement and conversion fee.

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